Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to receive my voiceover?

All orders submitted Monday through Friday are targeted to be completed within 24 hours. Depending on the talent’s availability, they may be able to turn orders around within a few hours. Orders submitted on Friday may not be completed until the following Monday.

How will I receive my voiceover?

You'll be notified by email upon completion of your voiceover. By logging into your VoiceJungle account you'll be able to review and download your audio file.

VoiceJungle will maintain your voiceover file on our web site for 30 days for your convenience.

How long will my audio be available for download?

VoiceJungle will maintain your voiceover file on our web site for 30 days for your convenience. After 90 days, archived files are deleted and will no longer be available for recovery. We highly recommend that all audio files be downloaded promptly and archived for future use as a backup.

How many reads will I receive from my voice talent?

Our voice talent will generally provide two to three reads for you to choose from for broadcast scripts. For longer non-broadcast scripts you'll generally receive one read.

What file format will I receive?

You may choose to receive either an MP3 or a WAV file when placing your order. If you need an alternate file format, such as ulaw files for phone prompts, select Add Editing in your order. After you approve your voiceover you may specify the type of file conversion you need.

What if I need music?

You may Add Music to your order for an additional $65 when uploading your script. Samples are available for you to audition at the time of purchase as well as after your voiceover has been completed. You may choose to have your music mixed with your voiceover or receive a separate file for production later. After your voiceover is approved you'll have the opportunity to provide instructions to your VoiceJungle producer on your final mix.

What if I need editing?

Your voiceover will be uploaded as one audio file containing all the reads your talent has recorded. If you'd like to request custom editing or if you need your audio split into individual files you may choose to Add Editing for $25 when placing your order. After your initial voiceover is approved, you'll have the opportunity to provide specific notes for editing.

Do you provide Spanish translation services?

For voiceover orders placed with Spanish talent from the VoiceJungle roster you'll be given the option to Add Translation at the time of your order. You'll also be given the option to approve your translation before the talent records. Spanish translation services are provided for an additional $40 per 150 words.

What if I have multiple scripts?

You may have multiple scripts for multiple talent in one order, however to ensure that the correct script goes to each talent we require you to upload each script separately. Upon uploading your first script, additional scripts may be added by clicking Add to Cart & Continue Shopping. After uploading each of your scripts, you can then check out and pay for your entire order.

Can one talent perform multiple characters in a script?

When a talent is asked to perform multiple, distinct characters or dialects, each is considered an additional script or role. If you’d like to submit a script that requires more than one character, you may either select different talent for each role or choose one talent capable of performing the entire script, but each role must be submitted as a separate item in your order. For shorter roles you may use our broadcast :05 and :15 rates to reduce costs.

What if I only need a tag or short section of a longer broadcast script?

VoiceJungle has special pricing for shorter broadcast reads such as tags, disclaimers, or bit parts. When you purchase your voiceover you may choose the length of the read needed. Five second and fifteen second reads are priced lower than full reads.

What if I’d like the talent to hear a reference file?

When placing an order you may upload an audio or video file that your chosen talent can reference. You may also include links to access videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc., in the instructions to your talent.

What if I need specific timings for a non-broadcast voiceover?

Any specific timings for non-broadcast voiceovers should be included in the instructions to talent. If you need to match an existing voiceover or scratch track you may upload a file for reference. Talent will attempt to match reference audio as closely as possible, however it’s still best to include specific timings.

What if I need revisions?

Once your voice talent has uploaded your audio you'll have a period of 14 days to review and approve before downloading. If for some reason you're dissatisfied with your voiceover (style, mispronunciations, etc.) you'll have the option to request ONE FREE revision with new instructions for the talent. (See the VoiceJungle Guarantee and Revision Policy for complete details.) Additional revision requests or any revisions needed after you've approved and downloaded your audio will require submitting a new order. If no action is taken within 14 days your order will be considered approved and final.

How can I get client approval before accepting my voiceover?

Once your voice talent has uploaded your voiceover, you may review your audio to make sure it meets your satisfaction. You may also share a preview link with others for approval before accepting your audio. If you need to insert your voiceover into a video to check timing before approval, you may download a watermarked comp version of your audio.

How does the VoiceJungle Guarantee work?

If we're unable to provide you with a satisfactory voiceover, you may receive a full refund. For complete details, please see the VoiceJungle Guarantee and Revision Policy.

Is every VoiceJungle job a buyout?

Yes. No residual payments ever. And market size does not affect the rate.

What if my script is longer or shorter than the time I select?

If a broadcast script is too long or too short to match the intended timing, your voice talent will make every effort to record to time, as well as provide you optional reads that are read at a comfortable pace. As a point of reference, 150 words is a good starting point for a :60 script read at a comfortable pace. Reading your script aloud and timing yourself will also help to determine if it's appropriate in length.

What's the difference between a broadcast and non-broadcast script?

When submitting your script for recording, you'll be asked to determine how the voiceover will be used. Broadcast scripts include radio and television scripts of any length. For broadcast scripts, VoiceJungle talent will make every effort to read scripts in the specified timing. Other uses, including Internet video, on hold, corporate video, IVR, mobile app, elearning, etc. are considered non-broadcast and priced according to word count. Non-broadcast scripts will be read according to client direction with no time limitations.

How do I set up an account?

You may begin adding voice talent to your cart, but before you can complete any order you'll need to sign up for a VoiceJungle account. Click here to register for a new account or to login to an existing account.

What forms of payment does VoiceJungle accept?

Payment for your VoiceJungle voiceover can be made with any of the major credit cards including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Payment is secure and handled via

How can I become a VoiceJungle voice talent?

If you're interested in joining the VoiceJungle roster you may submit an MP3 voiceover demo for consideration. VoiceJungle talent are required to have a home studio and must meet quality specifications before being added to the roster.